"Five episodes from 
      Le garage hermètique"
                   [LBN012] 28 November 2011 

"Five episodes from Le Garage Hermetique" is a trip into the imaginative world of French artist and writer Moebius (Jean Giraud) freely transformed in music by Di Bos. 
Sound-Collage music for a short psychedelic journey.


Di Bos - Episode 27

Di Bos - Episode 19

Di Bos - Episode 05

Di Bos - Episode 09

Di Bos - Episode 22

 All tracks are composed and assembled by Di Bos - Biella (Italy) 2010/2011 
THANKS TO: La bèl,Cami,Mati,Sere,Elisa Luu.
SAMPLES & FRAGMENTS:,Zeitgeist,Wallace & Gromit,Billy Martin,Kaponja,Sorohanro,

Joey Baron,Frank Zappa,Faust,Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares,Igor Stravinskij,Ludwig van Beethoven and others...

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 "Gus RolL Love/Capatùly" 
         [LBN001] 17 March 2010 
  "Gus RolL love" is inspired by Gustavo Rol...a great men in the space-time

                                                  "Gus RolL Love" CAST:

             First actor: Gustavo Roll(1903-1994)
    Actors: Schizoid bass, Mati, Codifer archie, Invertebrata, Nino Rota, Faust, Sigur Ros, Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares, Cami.
         Directed by Di Bos (bongo,keys,voice,guitar)
               Thanks to Vincent Guérin for the innumerable samples.

                                                                  "Gus RolL Love"
                                                                                       "Capatuly"                      DOWNLOAD


 "Sbarleffi Stravonka"   
          (Self-production 2008) 

"Sbarleffi Stravonka" is the second self-producing Di Bos's album.   
Composed, performed and assembled by Di Bos between July 2006 to November 2007.
A sound-collage inspired by Igor Stravinsky. 

 1. "Scraw    2. "Piazza Caliente"   3. "Mussoldini"  4. "Sbarleffi Stravonka"  
                            5. "Piano Capra Gregario" 6. "After Limoges"   7. "Corvo Corovod"  8. "Oslo Dream"
                                                                        DOWNLOAD ALBUM

                                          Composed, performed and assembled by Di Bos (Adriano Bossola) 
                                                    [July 2006/November 2007] at home (Biella,Italy)
                                       Di Bos: Guitar,voices,keyboards,programming,screwdrivers,
                                           Chicco Keyboards,pots,Marayoghy,grater,glasses,cans.
                                         Thanks to Gex Lanza: violoncello in "Sbarleffi Stravonka"
    …and thanks to…Cami,Mati & Sere, Gozzi & Max (midi), Andrea (book), Vittorio (road), and Ramon (life)
     Art-Work: Di Bos ( The man on the cover-art is a young Igor Stravinskij behind the Post Office in Biella )